Walking Directions from Airbus Stop

Walking Directions from Airbus Stop
If you plan to come to hostel by bus, please take Toward You Airbus No 2060 (NT145 per person) to Far Eastern Plaza Hotel. Our hostel is about 10 minutes walking from the airbus stop.

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에어버스 정류장에서 오는 방법
버스로 호스텔로 오시고자 하신다며느 2060 에어버스를 타고 오세요(요금은 1인당 NT 145입니다)

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空港からバスをご利用の場合は、シャングリラ ファーイースタンプラザホテル(台北遠東国際飯店)で下車し、徒歩10分程です。
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The Air Bus bus-stop
에어버스 정류장

Far Eastern Plaza Hotel (The Mall)
 When you are dropped off at Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, you will be on Sec. 2,
Far Eastern Plaza 호텔(the mall)
シャングリラ ファーイースタンプラザホテル(台北遠東国際飯店)

After passing a parking lot on your right, take a right at the first intersection. When you turn right, you will see a 21st Century sign. Continue walking even after the sidewalk stops.
버스 정류장에서부터 코너에 있는 Lane 171, AnHe Rd, Sec 2 찾을때까지 Dunhua S. Rd 걸어오세요.. 그리고 우회전 하시고 계속 걸어오세요

On the way you can see Taipei 101 in front of in the distance.
거리 앞에 타이페이 101빌딩을 보실 있습니다

After walking past 2 traffic light intersections, at the 3rd traffic light intersection there is a Family Mart convenience store on your left. Turn left onto
왼쪽에 패밀리마트가 보이실 , 좌회전하셔서 Tonghua St 걸어오세요

When you see this corner (COME BUY tea shop) , it becomes Tonghua St. Lane 101. Turn right into it.
Note: If you pass Linjiang St. (the night market street), you've gone to far. Lane 101, Tonghua St is before Lianjiang street.
Then, walk one small block to the first intersection. We are the first building on leftside corner above the tattoo parlor.
이 코너가 보일 때 ( Tonghua St, Land 101) 우회전하세요
참고 : 여러분이 Linjiang St(야시장 거리)로 지나셨다면, 이미 land 101를 지나셨습니다. Tonghua St Linjiang street 전에 있습니다
첫번째 교차로 쪽으로 블록 걸어오세요, 타투가게 너머 왼쪽 사이드 코너에 있는 첫번째 빌딩입니다

Here is the corner where the hostel is located:
Our door is just around the corner next to the tattoo parlor's window.
여기가 호스텔이 위치한 코너입니다
문은 타투가게 창문 옆에 위치한 코너에 있습니다

Tonghua Street

Dunhua S. Rd.
Facing the road and with your back to the hotel, turn right and walk about 2 minutes on
Dunhua S. Rd.